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Fliers: updated!

The flyers have been updated,  replacing the old url with the current url and adding hyperlinks where appropriate. You can now access the Qur'an & hadith through links while reading the fliers on  your computer. In the process of updating the fliers, I discovered that all the  links to them were broken. The internal links have been fixed, so you now have access to the fliers. 

    New July 16, '12: Shari'ah: Perpetual Offensive Warfare: 10 page pdf with pages from Hedaya & Reliance which define and exemplify jihad & jizya, debunking the defensive jihad myth & innocents al-Taqiyya. Ideal for printing and distribution to Shari'ah conferences. The pdf has active links to source documents; use it as an email attachment.

 The Crusader's Armory Youtube channel now has its first videos which expose Islamic doctrines. The current series of videos is intended to serve as evidence for International Judge The Koran Day.

Join the new Crusader's Armory Facebook Page for updates & interaction.

Attention URL Generator users!!! Recent changes at USC-MSA broke the links to their Qur'an & hadith collections. Download and install the updated version.  Links to the parallel translations will open to the beginning of the Surah. Hadith will open to the specified hadith on a different site.

International Qur'an Petition

Update: Oct. '12.  Petition Spot pulled down the original Petition due to age.  A new version has been created at, which sends emails to your Representative & Senators.  Unfortunately, it requires an American ZipCode to sign the petition.  If you were not fortunate enough to be born in America, just send your MP and MEP, if you have one,  a link to the new pdf file You can obtain the widget codes to embed the petition and its supporting pdf document from Petition2Congress & Scribid, respectively.  Please insert them into your blog or web site.

International Qur'an Petition

Uttered & published August 18, '09, this petition has potential to be one of our best educational instruments. It is a detailed indictment of Islamic doctrines  on charges of violation of international human rights covenants, including ICERD & CPPCG. The petition prays to the World Court for injunctive relief.  Like the Calcutta Qur'an Petition, the International Qur'an Petition has no chance of being tried on the merits of the case.  It is also available in pdf format for printing and use as an email attachment.

    The Calcutta petition included a lengthy list of Qur'an quotes which proved Islam to be in violation of Indian law. The  International petition  has just enough fragmentary quotes to establish a clear case of human rights covenant violations.

    A blog post, also available in pdf format, contains the full text of the cited quotes.  You can use it for reference or as an email attachment. Islam vs Human Rights was compiled from seven blog posts which detail Islam's violation of ICCPR & CPPCG.  This 64kb chm file also stands in support of the petition.
    The OIC is campaigning for a protocol to be added to ICERD. The protocol will criminalize all criticism of Islam, rendering us unable to tell the world about the existential threat Islam poses to all who do not submit to it. They falsely assert that critics of Islam are spreading hate and inciteing violence. In fact, those assertions are projections of what Islam is doing.  The petition brings this fatal fact to light with great clarity.

    In October of '09, the UNHRC's Ad Hoc Committee on Complementary Standards will meet to write the protocol. We need to bring their clandestine activities to light and expose their hypocrisy. Lets use this petition to do that.  In the same time frame, the General Assembly will begin work on their annual Defamation of Islam resolution.

    At present, the petition has 88 signatures. It needs more publicity. Please post a link to it on your blog or web site. Sign the petition, copy it and paste it into an email. Send the petition to your family, friends and associates urging them to sign and forward it.  Lets make this new Crusade go viral!  

   Here, as a sample, is the petition's bottom line statement.
Sunan Abu Dawud 23.3455: "and give up conducting jihad (struggle in the way of Allah). Allah will make disgrace prevail over you, and will not withdraw it until you return to your original religion".

From this narration, it becomes obvious that Islam and Jihad are synonymous. Since Islam asserts a divine mandate and right to wage war against us, to kill us, rape our widowsenslave our orphans and seize our real and personal property, we can not enjoy our God given right to life.  We have shown the court that Islamic doctrine, practice & jurisprudence violate the international covenants which guarantee our human rights.

 Since Muslims are promised eternity in a celestial bordello for participating in Jihad and threatened with eternal damnation if they refuse, it is impossible that free men can live in peace and security while Islam exists upon the face of the earth.  We therefore pray for injunctive relief:  proscription of the practice and propagation of Islam.
To add the International Qur'an Petition widget to your site, copy this code and paste it into the body of your html code. 

<iframe frameborder="0" height="360px" scrolling="no"
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This will display the pure Shari'ah gif with each page staying in view for about ten seconds.  I packed the alternate text and tool tip tags with key words for maximal SEO effect. If this works and you decide to cross post it, right click and select View Page Source.  Then copy the code in the tags related to the image and save it for future reference.  The gif was created with GIMP, the html with Kompozer.

Image Source
Alt. Txt.
Shari'ah does not allow Christian divorces to obtain custody of their Muslim chidlren. Shari'ah charges 1/3 as much for the death of a Christian as for a Muslim. Shari'ah does not allow Christians to give testimony as witnesses.  Shari'ah allows fathers to force their pre-pubescent virgin daughters to marry.
Tool Tip
Shari'ah does not allow Christian divorces to obtain custody of their Muslim chidlren. Shari'ah charges 1/3 as much for the death of a Christian as for a Muslim. Shari'ah does not allow Christians to give testimony as witnesses.  Shari'ah allows fathers to force their pre-pubescent virgin daughters to marry.
Copy this Code
<a href=""><img
style="border: 0px solid ; width: 640px; height: 400px;"
alt="Shari'ah does not allow Christian divorces to obtain custody of their Muslim chidlren. Shari'ah charges 1/3 as much for the death of a Christian as for a Muslim. Shari'ah does not allow Christians to give testimony as witnesses. Shari'ah allows fathers to force their pre-pubescent virgin daughters to marry."
title="Shari'ah,Reliance of the Traveller,marriage,divorce,indemnity,testimony"

Islam does not allow Christian divorces to obtain custody of their Muslim chidlren. Islam charges 1/3 as much for the death of a Christian as for a Muslim. Islam does not allow Christians to give testimony as witnesses. Islam allows fathers to force their pre-pubescent virgin daughters to marry.

This gif displays two ayat, two ahadith and numerous quotes from Hedaya, Reliance of the Traveller & one from Risala which bear directly on Jihad & Jizya, their legal definitions and practical applications.
Img Source
Alt. Txt.
Reliance of the Traveller,Risala,Hedaya,Jihad is an intrinsic sacrament of Islam.
Tool Tip
Copy this Code <a href=""><img
style="border: 0px solid ; width: 640px; height: 400px;"
alt="Reliance of the Traveller,Risala,Hedaya,Jihad is an intrinsic sacrament of Islam."

Reliance of the Traveller,Risala,Hedaya,Jihad is an intrinsic sacrament of Islam.



    Truth is our best weapon!!  The most effective ideological attacks make use of  Islam's own canonical books.  We will always be accused of mis-translating, misinterpreting, twisting, perverting or tearing ayats out of context.  Our best defense against such spurious charges is to hyperlink our quotes to an authentic Islamic source.  Fortunately, the Muslim Student Association at U.S.C. has posted  by Yusuf Ali, Pickthall & Shakir. Each of those ayats is a named anchor. is another search engine that displays a table of ten translations for easy comparisons. There are others at Use the Qur'an menu above to find them or download from the library.

    Moe had good reason for enjoining exposure of the Qur'an to Kuffar, we do use it against them!

Malik's Muwatta Book 21, Number 21.2.7:

Yahya related to me from Malik from Nafi that Abdullah ibn Umar said that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, forbade travelling with a Qur'an in the land of the enemy. Malik commented, "That is out of fear that the enemy will get hold of it."

Jihad Imperatives

This file proves the fact that 8:39 & 9:29 are Jihad imperatives with no expiration date.  That which should be obvious to everyone is demonstrated by textual comparison, exegeses, hadith & jurisprudence.


Tafsir are explanations of the Qur'an. While Allah's commands are contained in clear verses needing no explanation,  Ibn Kathir & Maududi confirm the obvious, helping to refute the idiotic Dhimmis & deracinated Muslims who falsely accuse us of mis-translation, mis-interpretation & distortion of Islam's canon of scripture. You will find them in the Library.


are sayings, transmitted from mouth to ear before being codified about 100 years after Moe died.  The Muslim Student Association at USC has put translations of the four most popular collections on the web. Each of the hadith is a named anchor, like that cited above so we can quote them and link to them. Linking lets readers verify what we post and explore the texts on their own. Update 10/'12: The USC site seems to be down again. Use Muslim Access, a .com domain instead, it is more reliable and only slightly less legible. It is an option in the URLGenerator.


    The most egregious ayat & ahadith have been compiled into an e-book  along with a subset of Ibn Kathir's Tafsir and the Islamic law of Jihad. This is the resource I use most in composing my blog posts. You will find it in the library, and on its own page which is linked in the Condensed Crap menu. at the top of this page. Update 10/'12: USC links and Tafsir Ibn kathir links in the chm file are broken.  

Linking to Islamic Texts

    Throughout the pages of this web site and my blogs you will find quotes from Qur'an, hadith & tafsir. You will find them linked to source documents wherever possible. Unfortunately, Reliance of the Traveller is not available with named anchors, but the other texts are. I use the URL Generator, a Windows utility, to create the urls to for insertion into links. You'll find it in the Blog Resources page.

    Some of my blog posts link to two files which are no longer available. should still be available. It is a large text file which Windows users can search with the Ctrl f key combination.
    Four new files have been created to facilitate documenting the most essential quotes from Reliance.
If you need to link to one of those sections of Reliance, just copy its url and paste it into your  a link.  The reader who clicks it will see a full size screenshot of Islamic law as served up by muhaddith's database.

New! 10/10/07: 

    Expanded Library:

 EgregiousAyat & Ibn Kathir's Tafsir added; Noble Qur'an & Hadith collections re-compiled with existing content.  Off site storage should prevent crashing this site. Click the link above to view other recent changes.  Each of these e-books is Zipped, they will be slightly larger when extracted.  Egregious Ayat & Ibn Kathir are new to the collection; the others have the same content as the other versions on Crusader's Armory, with these differences:
  1. Each has fully functional table of contents, index, search & favorites tabs.  Look up verses by Surah:Ayeh [9:29].
  2. The original file structure has been preserved; search tabs display a list of chapters containing matching text. Monolithic search is not possible.  Use the Location & Title buttons to sort search results. 
  3. Each e-book was compiled to merge with the others at run time. If they reside in the same folder, searching any of them will return results from all of them. 
  4. These e-books are stored at; downloading them should not crash Crusader's Armory. 

Online Searching
    If you use Mac or Linux, the downloads linked above probably won't work for you unless you have the appropriate help file viewer.  You can still visit the U.S.C. Reference Library [Link was broken, use ].on the web.  The University of Michigan provides a good Qur'an search engine.  Islaamnet has a good Hadith search engine.  Their numbering systems match that of U.S.C.  

    Qtafsir offers a unique service:  quick & easy search of Ibn Kathir's Tafsir. lets you search up to 10 Qur'an translations at once. It is quick, easy, and gives you context and URLs for linking.  [The new version of the URLGenerator supports & Maududi! Islam Awakened, Alim & Corpus Qur'an added July, 2011.]

Note: this section duplicates part of the Library page in order to maintain a link which has been posted on several blogs and in blog & forum comments.

Update 10/'12: Aisha Bewley's web site has her translations of Sahih Bukhari and Riyad us-Saliheen. Her Bukhari is the only complete version on the web, to the best of my knowledge. Note that it does not use named anchors and the numbering system does not match Kahn's.



   The Prophet Of Doom is 1000 fact packed pages.  Its Topical Quotes section can serve as a handy index into the Qur'an & Hadith!  
    Jihad: The Doctrine of Permanent War  is short & concentrated; it deals with the 'Lesser' Jihad. Silas Majumdar's book is the way to go if you do not have time to read Craig Winn's!  Islamistwatch has a sampling of radical writings of great importance. 

Online Libraries's library is one of the best!  POD and Ishaq are on its shelf with many other great titles.
    Young Muslims of USA have some eye popping books on their shelves!!  Sunni Path has a more nearly complete version of Sahih Bukhari.  Unfortunately, their numbering system is different, and the ahadith are not anchored.  Here are two gems not available at USC or the help files:
It is mentioned from Ibn 'Umar from the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, "My provision has been placed under the shadow of my spear, and abasement and humility have been placed on the one who disobeys my command."
...Our Prophet, the Messenger of our Lord, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, has commanded us to fight you until you worship Allah alone or pay the jizya. Out Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, has informed us from the message of our Lord: whoever of us is killed will go to the Garden in bliss whose like he has never seen. Whoever of us remains will be your masters.' ...
Malik's Muwatta with cross reference Bewley's edition  very interesting Hadith, cross referenced  to the others; a research aid. AdabMufrad Bukhari Bewley's ver.  Muhammad as Miss Manners; includes such mischief as shoving Dhimmis to the narrowest part of the road. History tashfincontents Bewley reveals the history of Islamic conquest. [Sorry, the hosting service Bewley used was terminated, her files are no longer available.]

Enjoining Right and Forbidding Wrong - By Ibn Taimia this work reveals Islamic triumphalism in all its glory. – The Tafsirs - التفاسير  features two interesting Tafsirs not easily found elsewhere. - Translations - التراجم  several Qur'an translations including Yusuf Ali with translator's notes; the only  on line source I have found for his commentary.

New discovery 08/07 Reliance Of the Traveller:  Widely accepted manual of Islamic Law. Caution: contains explicit sexual references in fatwa. Use ^F search to find what you are looking for. The important rulings on Jihad are included. If nothing else, be sure to read Book O for the dirty details about Jihad in Chapter 9 !!! has a Scribid version of Reliance that will be easier to search and read than the text version linked above.
New discovery 07/10; information from Frank Einstein of Facebook infamy.  Islamic Bulletin has an extensive library which includes two versions of Reliance. [These links may be unreliable.]

    Note: there is more in the Library menu at the top of this page.

Chatrooms 's Social Issues section has a variety of pro & anti-Islam chatrooms.  I recommend the free service.  You will meet many Crusaders, with a surprising number of Apostates from Islam among them. There are some real experts in the chatrooms, including several fluent in Arabic.   Before you go, make sure your anti-virus & firewall are up-to date. After returning, run Spybot.


Update 02/20/12: The demise of broke the links to Tafsir Ibn Kathir.  The links have been changed to point to equivalent text at Islam-Universe.Relevant  references to Shari'ah have been added because they confirm the obvious better than anything else can. 

So Islam is "a great religion of peace" ? Explain these topic titles from Ibn Kathir's Tafsir. Click them and read their contents.  Why did Allah  command and order Muslims to commit aggression?

So terrorism is haram? Explain these tafsir which explain 8:60 and 8:12!!

    In Tafsir Ibn Kathir, you see the ayat which enjoin offensive warfare and the ahadith which confirm them, but you do not see their practical application.  For that you must turn to Shari'ah: Islamic law which is based on the Qur'an & hadith. Update 10/'12: Islam Universe lets you select ayat numbers from the left sidebar.  Select the Surah, then pick your ayat from the list.

    Reliance of the Traveller is the most well known codification of Shari'ah. It reflects the fiqh of the Shafi'i school of Islamic law.  It is divided into books, each of which bears a letter as its name. Book O codifies the laws related to justice, including the definition, communal obligation & performance of jihad. 

    Reliance defines Jihad as "war against non-Muslims". It is a communal obligation, binding on all eligible male Muslims until a sufficient number have responded to the front.  Jihad must be performed in every year, and it is performed against disbelievers while they are in their own countries, peacefully minding their own affairs.

    The caliph makes war against Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians until they are subjugated and submit to annual extortion payments called jizya.  He fights all other peoples until they become Muslims. 

    That is not my opinion, I did not pull it out of any orifice, it is plain and clear on the face of the text of Reliance of the Traveller, which is certified authentic and accurate by sheikhs of  al-Azhar University at Cairo.  
    Would you like a second opinion? Try Risala, the handbook of fiqh belonging to the Maliki school of Islamic Law.  Risala defines jihad as " a technical term for the Muslim fighting the unbelievers who have no treaty with the intention of elevating the word of Allah or presenting Islam". Muslims must invite disbelievers to Islam. If they reject Islam, they must demand jizya. If  refused, they must wage war. 
    Would you like a third opinion?  Try Hedaya, the handbook of fiqh belonging to the Hanifi school of Islamic Law.  From Hedaya, we learn that jihad must be undertaken at all times by some party of the Muslims.  We learn that "destruction of the sword is incurred by infidels even though they be not the first aggressors".   We also learn that jizya is a punishment for infidelity and a payment in lieu of destruction. 

New Oct. 08

 Two blog posts which explicitly expose Islam and its stealth candidate:

What’s Wrong With Islam/Muslims?

 In which Sharia, Qur'an & Hadith are used to prove that "Islam is aggressively violent, by design; irreparably. " Common objections are listed & refuted.

Obama: Muslim or Christian; What’s the Difference?

If Barack Hussein Obama truly abandoned Islam and converted to Christianity, let him curse and condemn the damnable doctrines of Islam which sanctify & mandate aggressive conquest against Pagans & ‘people of the book’, genocide & terrorism.

If he is a closet Muslim, he won’t abjure those doctrines because he believes them.  In that case, we don’t want him.  If he is a Christian, but unwilling to offend Muslims by telling the truth about their curse worthy doctrines & practices, then he has no salt or savor, and is unworthy of high office.

In either case, Barack Hussein Obama must be rejected because he can not be trusted with the high office he seeks.

This post quotes the Qur'an to show you exactly what you are getting if you elect a closet Muslim stealth candidate.
    These extremely important posts deserve more widespread attention. Please do your part by cross posting and linking to them. Thank you!

Allied Sites
    The owners of the 2Faces of Islam chatroom have set up several linked web sites.  Terror-Watch is the most active and includes a lively forum.  Follow Terror-Watch's links to the other sites.  

Danish Cartoons  & Euro forum  has a good presentation of the cartoons and a forum just getting started. The forum is intended for Europeans. It offers an opportunity to exchange ideas with our European cousins.

United British Allliance  is small, but intense; lets hope that they grow rapidly .

Link to Ummat al Kuffar - All for One and One for All

Other Recommended Sites:

4Freedoms is where many groups work together against racism and supremacism & commit to 4 civil rights:
(1) Free Speech
(2) Democracy
(3) Equality in Law
(4) Cultural Tolerance
Except that these freedoms should be denied to those out to destroy them.

Visit 4 Freedoms Worldwide
Click here to go to the Anti-Terrorism Coalition!

Walking the Plank to a Dhimmi Nation– “A U.N. Declaration of Religion?” –Chapter 10

Walking the Plank is one of the best articles on the subjects of Islam and its attempt to impose Shari'ah on us through the mechanism of Defamation of Islam resolutions. Please read it immediately and pass it on to your friends!!!
Trencherbone this article on Islamic child sexual abuse will open your eyes to a whole new world of evil. has an embedded copy of Islam: What the West Needs to Know. It is the full 1.5 hour edition. It has many other good videos and text resources. Check it out now!
Act For America 's Middle Tennessee Chapter has an excellent page about Mosques with three must see videos.

Citizen Warrior has helpful hints for everyone who champions Liberty.
Canary In The Coal Mine
9/11 Do More Than Never Forget: Stop Islam!  The details you need to know.
Mark Humphries  Islam page, an invaluable resource!!!   This page contains at least one link to a book that can not be found elsewhere.
Moose and Squirrel, a delightful Canadian blog featuring the dispatches of Kaffir Kanuck.
Stop the Islamization of America!
The Investigative Project on Terrorism News and documents of interest.
FOMI is back! This Swede Forum provides accurate information & expert opinion about Islam.
American Daily Review publishes informative articles which apply the theoretical  knowledge gained from reading Islam's canon of scripture, tradition & jurisprudence.
Right Side News
Slant Right   Broken link 01/13/10  replaces Islam In Action, keep up to date with current events!  has much valuable information and an excellent library.  New, more secure server, same excellent content. Join to share news, opinion, resources and strategy.
Family Security Matters:  Lucid explanations of current events & conditions.
New Media Journal :  an excellent source of news and opinion, not filtered through left wing prejudice. Sign up for their newsletter. Islam Watch  Many excellent articles!!!
New English Review  New English Review’s 2010 Symposium “Decline, Fall & Islam”: several articles that must be read and videos that must be watched!!!
Austrialian Islamist Monitor offers many interesting articles and an informative flier you can use to introduce people to the reality of Islam. When I visited the site, there were more than 230 people viewing it.
Crombouke, referred by a blog comment.  Enough links to keep you reading for a long time.  has some excellent articles, one of which included a link to Milestones, which has been added to our external library.

One of my Google Alerts referenced the Israel Military Forum, where I found a most interesting thread full of articles from Jihad Watch and Front Page containing excellent information and links.  This is one of those information sources which should not be overlooked!    for provocative cartoons & fliers
Anti-Jihad International  SITE PULLED DOWN BY HOST  Try  
InfidelNation  has lots of good information !!  Note: Kafirnation redesigned & renamed.  Where else can you download Ibn Kathir's Tafsir?
The Sick Perversions of  The Prophet Muhammad  New forum. Get involved on the ground floor!
Society Of Americans For National Existence  Great  information source!!
Freedom Ain't Free & Take Our Country Back  A WordpressBlog, successor to Take Our Country Back, this is where I guest post most frequently. It is relatively free of clutter so it loads reasonably rapidly.
Take Our Country Back  A relatively new and widget rich  Blogger blog which carries many of my posts and much much more.
Miss Beth's Victory Dance  Another relatively new & widget rich Blogger blog which carries most of my posts including Myth vs. Fact.
Muslims Against Sharia  Sure, I know its an Oxymoron, but I believe them to be sincere. Read their Manifesto, check out their blog and make your own decision. Three of them have signed the No2Jihad Petition.  Lets give them all the support we can!
Western Muslims' Racist Rape Spree By Sharon Lapkin | December 27, 2005
Infidel's Bunker
Canadian Kaffir

Sign up with  Blogspot  or Wordpress and have a web presence in less than an hour.  Post a few favorite Qur'an quotes, add links to Crusader's Armory & the online petitions,  and you'll be helping others to learn the real truth about the predatory institution which threatens our lives and liberties. If you need material, download the Know Thine Enemy series and Myth vs Fact series and post them. They are in the Blog Resources page.   If not us, who?  If not now, when?  
Visit 4 Freedoms Worldwide
4Freedoms Worldwide

Jihad Spin

Click here to go to the Anti-Terrorism Coalition! 
Protest Islam Group
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